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Cedric Villedieu

Born on 02/21/1990 in Marseilles.
Self-taught since I was 16, I have forged a singular pictorial identity over the years.
Colourist in perpetual search for light and harmony. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Marseille as well as a graphic designer by training at the Professional Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Marseille.
Greatly influenced by esotericism and symbolism, I approach different themes through my works. Abstractions, Landscapes etc. Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet were my first guides in my artistic career.

Art, A family story over several generations
and in different areas

Great-great aunt on the maternal side
Elisa Chimenti 1883 - 1969
Writer, journalist, teacher, poet , ethnologist, anthropologist, polyglot (10 languages).

Afterword to the Anthology of Elisa Chimenti Ed Senso Unico Editions/Editions du Sirocco 2009
Zelliges of an amazing life!
Elisa Chimenti was born on November 8, 1883 in Naples, an "Andalusian city lost in Italy". Her father, Rosario Ruben Chimenti, a doctor but also a Neapolitan dialect poet, settled in Tunisia with all his family in 1884, a year after Elisa's birth, probably for political reasons, then in Morocco, where he became the doctor staff of Sultan Moulay Hassan. His mother, Maria Luisa Ruggio Conti - daughter of Giovanni Battista de Sassari and Clémence Cherloneix (a Parisian) - is the great-granddaughter of Lord Tiberio Cavallo, a famous English physicist, on the paternal side, and of the Viceroy from Sardinia, Azzouni, on the maternal side.

Bruna Chimenti - Panella
(my maternal grandmother)
Born May 28, 1930 in Sesta Godano, Liguria.
Made a career in opera as a soprano opera singer.

Art of gastronomy from 1925 to 2018
Three generations of MOFs
Father, grandfather and great-grandfather have all won the title of
Best Pastry Worker in France
(unique case in the profession)
as a pastry chef, chocolatier, confectioner and caterer
in Plan-de-Cuques, Marseille, La Ciotat,
and in Gemenos at Mas Saint Jean de Garguier for receptions.

Gilbert, Claude, and André Villedieu in 1987.
My brother Alexis Villedieu, pastry chef and chocolate maker, takes up the torch of the line.

A nod to Jean-Pierre Cecchini, who was my mentor when I was 18, when I told him that I wanted to become a Painter during my professional internship at the Odanak marketing agency.